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Our law firm is experienced in handling personal injury claims in France for English speaking clients such as students, tourists, expatriate workers or foreign citizens.

Based in Nantes, Western France, we operate throughout France and in overseas territories.

These personal injuries may have been caused:

  • by car or road traffic accidents (as a driver, cyclist or pedestrian),

  • by negligence during hospital or medical treatments,

  • by sport or holiday accidents: paragliding, yachting, skiing, parachute, etc.

  • by an accident in a private or public place,

  • by an accident at work.

We can help you in a wide range of injuries such as :


  • amputation, broken bones, deadly accidents,

  • burns and scarring injuries,

  • chronic pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,

  • psychological injuries such as PTSD and depression,

  • brain injuries,

  • spinal and back injuries,

  • nerve damage.

Our personal injury law firm aims to make the claims process as simple and as stress-free for you as possible, as well as ensuring you receive support, early rehabilitation and the correct damages and maximum compensation for your trauma.

If you have suffered a serious injury, your life may have changed a lot. You may not be able to move, to walk, to work again and you may be worried about your financial situation.


  • How we can help you


We can advise you on the best trial strategy, should the case go to trial, and launch negotiations with the other side to reach the best agreement with the third party. We know the tactics that insurance company tend to use in order to lessen damages. We use our legal knowledge and our skills to get the best results for you according to French Laws.

For serious injuries, a medical expertise is often useful and even mandatory sometimes: we can find the best doctors to help you. In any case, the lawyer always accompany you in all medical expertise so that your are never alone to defend your case.

We can help guide you and your family through this process. Our lawfirm provide support and guidance in what can be very challenging circumstances.

  • The claim process

  1. Carry out a free initial consultation. We will ask you about what has happened, the injury and assess the best way to help you.

  2. Contact the insurers of the party who was at fault for your accident to seek their agreement to fund early rehabilitation and also seek an admission of liability.

  3. Seek an early interim payment to help relieve any financial pressure and to fund medical and rehabilitation treatment as well as expenses whilst we finalise your claim.

  4. If they do not accept responsibility, we will gather additional evidence to prove their fault. Evidence will also be needed to support your claim for damages: this can include independent medical expert evidence, witnesses who can attest to how much help you have needed after the accident, and anyone else we feel would support your case.

  5. If your claim is successful we will fight to get the best possible compensation that you deserve. You’ll then receive your compensation.


  • The legal fees: "no win, no fee agreement"

In France the "no win, no fee agreement" is possible but is different from the US or the UK template. The French laws compell the lawyer to bill fixed fees, but on the other side the result fees must be limited. In our law firm it is 10%, not more.

What's more, we always ask for the third party to refund what you may have been compelled to pay due to the accident including your legal fee

One of the best reasons to choose our law firm is because we are experienced in dealing with all kinds of claims, from the simple to the complicated.

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