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English speaking solicitor in FRANCE

The practice areas of your English-speaking lawyer :


  • Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Tort Law,

  • Civil litigation, Consumer litigation,

  • Real Estate, property, rental, leasing.


We can provide immediate legal advice and legal representation anywhere in FRANCE.

Personal Injury solicitor in FRANCE

If you have suffered a serious injury, your life may have changed a lot. You may not be able to move, to walk, to work again and you may be worried about your financial situation.


I can advise you on all types of serious personal injury claims in FRANCE :


  • Road traffic accidents : automobile, cycling or pedestrian accidents ;

  • Airplane, parachute, hang-glider, paragliding accidents ;

  • All kinds of sport accidents (skiing, yachting, tournaments, etc.) ;

  • Accident at work ;

  • Criminal assault ;

  • Daily life accident (at home, on holidays, while traveling, etc.) ;

  • Medical malpractice or hospital accidents ;


Personal injury occurs when a person is injured or killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another individual, another company or another entity.


You can suffer from different types of injuries such as broken bones, psychological distress. A serious injury to your head, brain or spinal cord, can have devastating and life-changing consequences for you. All these injuries can happen as a result of accidents at work, surgery malpractice, criminal assaults or falls.


We have experience in all these types of cases and can support you throughout the legal process to get the most compensation regarding your injuries.


A personal injury claim is a legal process used to recover financial compensation for anyone who has suffered injury.


I can advise you on the best trial strategy, should the case go to trial, and launch negotiations with the other side to reach the best agreement with the third party. We know the tactics that insurance company tend to use in order to lessen damages. We use our legal knowledge and our skills to get the best results for you according to French Laws.

I can help guide you and your family through this process. I provide support and guidance in what can be very challenging circumstances.

Some people are worried about the costs of Legal advice and Legal representation : we write a clear fee agreement and we always ask for the third party to refund what you may have been compelled to pay due to the accident.

One of the best reasons to choose our law firm is because we are experienced in dealing with all kinds of claims, from the simple to the complicated.